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So, why do some people get sick and others don't?

Winter has arrived here in New Zealand. It seems like everyone around me has a cold. And I once again say to myself, "it's funny how some people get sick while others don't, even within the same family". I like asking people why that is, just to see if they know. Do you know why that occurs?

Some people say the other person haven't caught the germs. Well, how is that possible? Aren't respiratory illnesses airborne? If they live in the same house, are they not breathing the same air? If they are in the same classroom, isn't it the same air? So, that can't be the reason.

Let's think about this. It is often said that when we are stressed, we are more likely to get sick. Is it possible there is a connection here. You bet your bottom there is a connection!

Our nervous system controls everything our bodies do. It controls how hard and fast our heart beats, how much air our lungs can breathe in and out, how well we digest and assimilate food, and our immune system. If the nervous system can't get the correct messages to the parts from the brain and vice versa, our bodies can't function optimally. So what happens if our heart doesn't function optimally? Is it possible to have things like high blood pressure or abnormal heart rhythms? What about our intestines? Our lungs? Oh, all the possibilities there are for symptoms and disorders to manifest themselves. But, back to the topic. Our immune system. So what can possibly go wrong if our immune system isn't functioning optimally? 

Let's back up a moment..... what does our immune system do? Doesn't it protect our body from invasion of foreign objects, like germs? ABSOLUTELY!!! So if our immune system is working, it should fight off germs and microbes, etc that it comes in contact with. What happens if it isn't functioning? Well, isn't it possible to have an over-reaction..... also known as allergies? Or how about an under-function.... in which case the germs,etc take hold of the body and cause illness? ABSOLUTELY!!!!

So, back to my original question.... Why do some people get sick while others don't? The answer lies in the nervous system and how well it is functioning. If there is any irritation or interference our bodies can not function properly and we enter a state of dis-ease which will lead to disease. So, remove that irritation with a good chiropractic adjustment and give your body what it truly needs!!!!!

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vital 3 on Tuesday, 13 December 2011 12:37 AM
Good research on the above post has been done.I must appreciate the post..
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So, why do some people get sick and others don't?


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